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Last month I was introduced to some modern technology at work. I found it fascinating so I shall attempt to describe it for you.

Myself and my neighbour Dennis have shared many discussions on the topic of lifting his home. Living beside the lake and the park means that our homes have been built on peat. For Dennis’s home this has meant that over time the home has moved, and cracks have appeared. Dennis obtained two quotes for remedying the situation, each using a different technology. One was traditional under-pinning, the other was a modern technique of drilling and injecting state of the art expanding resin under the house. He chose the resin.

So on a sunny Monday in July, a team of ground engineers arrived at the home of my neighbour. The task at hand was to lift and set a new level to the concrete foundation of Dennis’s home by injecting resin into the ground. They arrived ready to go with all the gadgets – generator, air compressor, resin injector pump.

The first step was measuring the house with laser levels to determine how much they needed to lift each section. Spot the red levels in the photos. They then went about drilling holes, inserting a sleeve into each one, then using a special gun which clamped to the sleeves, they injected the fancy expanding resin into the ground. It looks a bit like very strong polystyrene.

Once the outside of the home was done, the team moved inside to back fill. After a small incident involving a nicked pipe requiring TLC from a plumber, the job was soon finished.

The beauty of this solution is that it’s quick, done within a day, where the traditional method of under-pinning could take up to week and is very invasive.

Dennis is very happy with the result. The house is now level (some parts had to be raised 30mm to achieve this) and the cracks have closed up.  If you want more information, go to

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