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The Right To Repair !

What came out the blue, was a request that came through on facebook messenger. Anna from the Waikato Environment Centre asked “would you be interested in being part of a Repair Coop in Hamilton. We are putting on a stand at the Waikato Show, Te Papanui (EnviroExpo) to launch this and gather people who are interested” What a great idea I thought, it aligns with the monthly free bicycle repair events I run called “Chain Link” ( you can keep up to date with Chain Link at ) So I signed up to run the stand for the mornings of the three day event. I really did not know what to expect and was quite nervous to be honest. I’ve never done exhibitions or trade shows. I gathered up an old BMX that had been donated to Chain Link. It’s was in reasonable condition, a wobbly back wheel, with beads on the spokes front and back. I also gathered up some tools so I could demonstrate a puncture repair if anyone was interested in learning how to do one. When collecting the old BMX from storage within the western community center, Max Coyle who helps run the center brought up really interesting point. “Do you believe in the right to repair” The idea of that by law you can legally repair your possessions without having to take them to authorized service centers etc.

Companies like John Deer and Apple make it very difficult to repair your tractor or phone, by keeping information hidden from the public and only supplying their authorized agents with the tools required to fix these items. Here in New Zealand, being isolated from the world, we have the number 8 wire mentality, being able to come up with fix it solutions when something goes wrong. You can imagine the early farmers of New Zealand having to fix their own massey ferguson tractor being out boon docks with repair center being  possibly being days away. I’m certainly in the camp that you should be able to fix your possessions, bicycle, phone, tractor etc.

What also was great was talking to school teachers and there kids about what the Repair Co Op and Chain Link are about. What I personally discovered around running and being a part of these events is the fear of the unknown. I’m probably not alone here, but so far it’s turning out not so bad after all. So Just jump in and do it !

The inspiration I got from the event is there is a need out there, so I now begin to plan out what places and events would prove popular to this repair community.

If you are interested in being a part of or would like to follow the journey of these groups, follow us on facebook

@repaircoophamilton & @chainlinkhamilton

NOIZE RADIO Three Years On

It’s a strange feeling that Noize Radio is still going three years down the track. A dance music radio station originally only available via stream over the Internet, but now transmitting to Hamilton city on 88.0 FM. I remember it’s humble beginnings, in the corner of a living room in a flat on Old Farm road. Spear headed by Josh Penn, it’s becoming a house hold name amongst fans of dance music in New Zealand. My involvement started when I met Tyler Staunton whilst I was working for the Rockshop on Barton Street. If my memory is correct, we got talking over DJ controllers, it was a Novation Twitch which I set up and let him trial in store, which I think in the end he ended up buying. It was one of those days whilst looking over DJ gear, microphones and or audio interfaces he told me about this radio station called Noize that he was helping start up. I was more than happy to suggest that I could get involved and host a show. With an audition booked in at the flat, I prepared a breakbeat set and burnt the track list on two CD’s. I was pretty nervous about the whole thing but the approximately 30 minute mix I preformed for Josh & Tyler got their seal of approval. Tuesday nights from 8 – 10pm has been my slot ever since. The title of the show “Thats The Breaks”. The reason why I do the show is pretty simple, it’s fun and I get to meet like minded music lovers. I would like to thank the co hosts who’ve been a part of the show over the years, DJ Ruskie, DJ Ollie, DJ Dave & Peter Grantham. I would also like to thank Josh & Tyler for the opportunity to host a show on Noize Radio. Lastly I would like to thank my wife Jess for putting up

with not being able to book anything with me on a Tuesday Night.

To stream of for news you can check out

Just Sold 329 Waitetuna Valley Road

Sold 15/03/2017. The vendors based in Ngaruawahia, were a world class service. A big challenge to overcome with this property was the fact that it was meth contaminated. I took open and transparent approach to overcome the issue. I was also able to come up with a solution to overcome the issue of finance as all banks would not lend on a meth contaminated property. The property was marketed through my smart low cost but effective photography, video, online, print campaign. 22 Visitors viewed the property, by appointment only. The property was marketed By Negotiation. We had multiple offers on the property, there can only be one purchaser at the end of day. It was my pleasure working for

the vendors to get the property sold, it was well worth it. Here’s what the vendor had to say:

To whom it Concerns,

I would like to thank James from Eves on the way he conducted the sale of my family home. Under difficult conditions James showed nothing less than total dedication to the task and going beyond the call of duty. Thank you very much for the effort you put in for the best result possible. I sincerely would recommend James to anyone for his due diligence in the whole process of selling my home.

Yours Sincerely

AP Van Weerden

Under Contract ! 21 Totara Grove

Under Contract ! 1130 Cambridge Road

Shooting in the fog, with Symon Cook.

I’ve been fortunate to have Meet Symon Cook, he’s been a great aid in helping myself get great result for my home owners. I meet Symon through my involvement in Noize Radio, he hosts a show titled “basstown” on Friday nights. He is also well known for his event photography and videos. We have just recently done the photography and videography for 12 Repoiti Court. We decided we would meet at section in the morning. On arrival we were greeted with the sun hidden behind clouds and a thick layer of fog covering the Hamilton skyline. I suggested that we could re schedule, but Symon thought we could make the most of the time and situation. It paid off, with Symon capturing great shots and video as the sun came out and the fog lifted. Having great photography is so important when it comes to real estate. It’s the first impression that people get when looking at a property. What I really appreciate with working with Symon is that we can capture images that have that spark or what I call “magic”. This magical shot that is captured is always the main image I use when advertising property. Symons next strength is his videography work. Now as standard I use video. It’s benefits are far reaching, it helps the viewer to visualise what it would be like to be at the property. It’s great for out of town buyers when traveling to the property could be an issue. It’s also great for when there are multiple decision makers when it comes to property, so that there is another element to assist their decision making. I get these compliments from people that come to the properties, that they watched the video and felt like they were actually there ! If you want to discuss  the benefits of great photography or video, feel free to give me a call.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Newsletter, it’s all content produced by myself, it’s taken a lot of time and effort, I would really appreciate your feedback! If wish not to receive this material please send me a text on

021 111 6709.

Cheers, James McKellar.

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